Deer Heart Grilling

Deer Heart Grilling (warning, eating the heart will increase buck fever)

deer heart grilling

Recommend putting tin foil on grate first, then, place deer heart on the tin foil. Midway through grilling I threw tin foil down over grate. Tin foil will prevent the heart’s soft meat from getting scorched. (Use two layers of tin foil, or one layer of heavy duty tin foil.)

MeatEater has an episode where the featured meal is deer heart tacos. Ever since watching that episode, I had it in my mind to cook and eat the heart of my future deer.

Cooking and eating a lovely deer heart dinner is exactly what I did with my first deer, (and will continue to do with future deer). In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the deer heart recipe I used. Saving the heart was a priority while field dressing.

This was my first time cooking deer heart, so, before firing up the grill, I tweeted to MeatEater about venison heart recipes.
MeatEater responded with two deer heart recipes.

Seeing as I would be using a small grill, had apples and garlic powder on-hand, I improvised MeatEater’s apple-roasted venison heart recipe. I did not have a lot of tin foil so chose to cook heart on the grate instead of in the coals.


Supplies used when grilling deer heart:

  • Charcoal grill
  • Tin Foil

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 deer heart
  • Garlic powder
  • 1 apple – cubed

What you do:

I used a granny smith apple because it's what I had on-hand. Granny smith has a bold flavor, would recommend using.

(Before the grill photo.) I used a granny smith apple because it’s what I had on-hand. Granny smith has a bold flavor, would recommend using.

  • Clean out and trim deer heart
  • Rinse deer heart thoroughly with cold water
  • Cut open deer heart and lay flat
  • Shake on garlic powder as desired
  • Stuff apple cubes in the heart ventricles
  • Grill heart until the top layer of skin is brown, keep checking, do not walk away from the grill.

Lessons learned: Here’s the mistakes I made:

  1. Not laying tin foil over grate to begin with. As a result, the heart’s outer layer got overcooked. (middle of heart was unharmed)
  2. Cooked the heart too close to coals. (cooking heart higher above coals would be recommended.) I found the heart is very soft, delicate meat.

One deer heart satisfied my appetite. If this were for two people or more, side dishes would be required. Next time you fill your tag, take the deer heart home with you. You’ll love the meal!

dear heart grilling

(After grilling photo.) Meal turned out well! Heart was very tender. Looking in the middle you’ll see it’s still pink, which is a must while cooking heart. Only the outer skin got a bit overcooked.

If you have cooked deer heart before, please share how you cooked it. If you decide to use my recipe let me know how it goes and if you added some ingredients along the way. Enjoy hearing how wild game is cooked and what parts of wild game are cooked. Good huntin’ and good eatin!’

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