House Hunting Again!

Can’t believe the house I saw today. For the past few months I have been searching for a house. Today’s house adventure started out a lil’ rough. The house I was driving to was in Waukesha, an area I am unfamiliar with. Thanks to directions from gas station, I found my destination.

From the outside the house looked in good condition. The siding was in decent shape and so was the roof. It had a nice yard with steps going into the back yard. I invisioned having a fire with a group of friends.
Well, the next few minutes were unexpected. Upon opening the door a stench filled my nostrils and it was piercing. The carpet was black. Black as if it were burnt.
I really do not want to look at anymore houses. However, I do want to be on my own and will keep looking. Thank you Lord for a home to come to that is taken care of.