Blacksmith For A Night

A while back there was an older movie involving the career of a blacksmith on a local TV channel that caught my attention as I was making dinner.

Although I do not remember the name of the movie, I do remember the setting…

The setting of the movie takes place in early century England. The main characters are a blacksmith and his family. Watching the program reminded me how fascinated I am with the job of a blacksmith, so, I jotted down the following:

If I lived back when blacksmiths were popular, I would hope to be a blacksmith. Why? Well, I would enjoy the hard work, lifting heavy tools, making tools, becoming better at my craft and sharing knowledge with other blacksmiths.

Getting scars, burns and other wounds from the job would not deter me, but rather, encourage me.

Sitting back to admire my hard work would bring satisfaction. It’s the sweat, the heat of working by fire and forming the metal that interests me.

I desire the feeling of accomplishment along with thinking about ways to work smarter and harder. Working smart is finding ways to become efficient with your time so you can accomplish more. Working hard allows you to accomplish more with the additional free time. It’s a continual cycle that will streamline your workflow.

Knowing my hard work will be used in a practical way would keep me going. Through my actions I’m recognized; respected for the work of my hands. I love the idea of excelling at hard work; having something physical to show for my sweat is rewarding.