Discover Your Intangible Key Chain

How many keys are on your key chain? What key do you use most? Car key? House Key? Does the most used key vary from season to season? Ever lose your key chain?

intangible key chain

In short, keys are key. They lock and unlock; start and open. As we find out, usually by experience, losing our keys disrupts our daily routine.

Knowing where your key chain is gives you peace of mind.

How about your intangible key chain? Intangible keys can be characteristics, skills, strengths that help you get through the day. They can be different from person to person. Such keys help you organize, help you see clearly, give you peace of mind, provide you with insight.

What does a key chain enable you to do? The ability to add and remove keys. Keep this point in mind! That’s the freedom and blessing of a key chain. Always be willing to learn and adapt. Certain parts in your life may find you adding on to your character. New friends may bring about a new perspective on life.

The freedom of a key chain also allows you to keep keys on, and that’s okay, those keys are your foundation. They allow you to stand for something. Throughout your life, you’ll realize the keys that brought you through the rough times in life. These are keys to hang on to.
Over the next few week’s stop back for a new key discussion.

Next week, we’ll cover one of the keys I’ve discovered to help me overcome obstacles. It brings richness to this quote, “Behind every challenge lies reward.”

This is the first of a continuing series on discovering your intangible key chain.

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Simple Or Techy, It’s Hunting

Let’s talk technology and hunting. It’s always been a part of hunting. Sometimes, I get an attitude where I don’t need or desire the new technological advances we have to hunt with today. This is not always the best attitude because man always will look to improve hunting techniques and often times looks at new technology to use in the field with him to make him more successful at bringing home his query.

However, knowing the fundamental skills are crucial. Playing the wind is an excellent example of how fundamental skills are necessary even with the advent of the 21st century hunting technology.

Though new technology can make a hunter more effective, the latest technology is not needed to be successful. You still need the basic skills of hunting to go with the latest technology.  And this, my friends, is often what I put my time and energy doing. For if I master the basic skills of hunting, I can do without the latest technology until I can afford the latest technology. The price tags can be ridiculous.

This may put me at a disadvantage at first, but over time I will have honed my skills and sharpened my senses of the woods, and knowing the basic skills of hunting will allow me to appreciate what the technology can add to my arsenal and learn how it improves basic skills.

In a way you do need both. You need the basic fundamental skills so if your techy gear fails, you can still be successful. And gadgets can fail, so I feel it’s harmful to become dependent on technology. Therefore, technology should maximize the fundamental skills you have learned, not replace them.

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