Since a young lad, I've had a passion for the outdoors. I enjoy being out in the elements across the U.S. and during the four seasons of Wisconsin. In WI, there's leisure for every season.


Fishing's my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors. There's plenty of reasons why, so it was tough narrowing down to these:

My Biggest Whitebass
WI Northern Pike WI Whitebass Spring 2011 Fish Fry almost 9in bluegill rosetta nebula
crescent nebula m51S m101S moon hagle nebula

My objectives are to catch fish first, dinner second. I am convinced that by preparing my catch I experience the full cycle of being a sportsman.

A full cycle because you are now closer to nature. It's rewarding to eat what you catch, and responsible to see there is no waste.

To me, respect and responsibility are definitions and values I include with being a sportsman.

Showing respect and responsibility will allow a sportsman to continue enjoying the environment; while the environment continues to provide enjoyment for the sportsman.


My passion for snowboarding started when I was young on a skateboard with trucks and wheels removed so it was just the deck itself. Found that skate decks go down a snowy hill pretty good, and it got me hooked.

Below's a slideshow from my 2010 trip out west to Winter Park, Colorado.


Below are pics of Winter Park's bigger Mountain with many tree runs called, Mary Jane.

Winter Park, Colorado  Winter Park, Colorado  Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado Winter Park, Colorado Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado Winter Park, Colorado

baitcaster bass fishing rod snowboard with bindings Josh Schwartz snowboarding gear